New Total Arthro Solution Capsules

The all new Total Arthro Capsule has arrived!  We've have put together a formula that we have seen out-perform other arthritis supplements.  We are confident you will see a significant difference in your arthritis pain or your pet's pain!  as with any supplement or treatment, you will need to allow time for the product to work.   We always ask prevention clients to give us 3-6 weeks of consistent use to get the formulation into the body. 

Recomended serving dosage is 4 caplets daily with the dog serving adjusted according to their weight: Dogs: up to 25lbs 1 capsule daily; 26-55lbs - 2 capsules daily; 56-85 lbs -3 capsules daily; over 85 lbs - 4 capsules daily.

New Total Arthro Solution Capsules
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