Fortify - Total Arthro ALTERNATIVE

While the current state of events may delay our Total Arthro order, we wanted to find an alternative option for customers to use during this time.  This product is made by the master herbalist company we previously used to make our Total Arthro Solution and we have chosen their most comparable product as an alternative rather than going without.  We will not be selling these by the dozen however we will offer a price break when purchasing more than 2 bottles at a time.  Thank you for your patience, here is a description of this product as provided by the manufacturer: 

This may be the best full-spectrum mineral and calcium formula that you will ever use. Fortify contains special Calcuim, Magnesium and 72 trace minerals that are vital for good health. These pure organic-ionic minerals help the body build strong bones, teeth, cartilage, joints and help balance acidity levels. We use life giving plants and Eco-Safe Coral for an amazing combination that has historically been used to assist in promoting restful sleep, increased strength, mend aches and stiff joints.

Recommended Use: Take 2-4 capsules daily. Increase as needed.

100% Vegetarian Formula

Proprietary Blend: Coral Calcium, Glucosamine HcI, MSM, Horsetail, Devil's Claw, Oatstraw


Fortify - Total Arthro ALTERNATIVE
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